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The Model Magazine places modeling in the context of the world we live in – culture, community and industry. The Model Magazine’s mission is to be the world authority on modeling. Thru print and digital editions, The Model Magazine provides an exclusive view into the world’s most beautiful and inspirational model industry people, inspiring its influential readers to engage with modeling in more and improving ways.

Published ten issues per year in both print and digital format. The Model Magazine is a magazine with the focus on models, showcasing fashion editorials from around the world. This magazine inspires those wanting to become part of the fashion and model industry. It’s all about the modeling.

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Our readers

Readers of The Model Magazine are models, creators, visionaries, trend setters and fashionistas with an obsession for beauty and the visual aesthetic. They are passionate about modeling and fashion, many are the generation of leaders in the modeling industry. Whether it’s modeling, photography, fashion, styling, makeup, or hair, they’re all part of The Model Magazine.

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