Concept by Riti Shah
It’s a puzzle in my mind that needs all its pieces to inspire one another to embody an Artistic form. A skeleton of various geometric shapes, my designs are influenced by the ability of symmetry to create history, by its latest application. My design structure is a living example of the Stomachion theory devised by the mathematician Archimedes. A concept brought together by the assembly of fourteen pieces that form a square; my collection is based on the visual aesthetic created by this assembly and disassembly of the geometric structures. It brings together Colour and Silhouettes that are aimed to ignite the love for art with the geometric shapes formed by the Stomachion theory, the Bauhaus movement in Germany and the Ancient Russian Drama Illustrations. I feel progressed to be able to highlight the significance of Art and Art History in modern times through my designs. In balance, It’s a puzzle solved; an art inbred perfectly in equilibrium with all its elements.

Photographer/Retoucher: Eva Juhasz
Designer: Riti Shah
Hair and makeup: Vivien Hogye
Models: Torriarna Dewar and Joanna Borov

About the designer
RSR is an offspring of a young and dynamic girl, Riti Shah. A graduate of Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni in London, she has interned with brands such as Mary Katrantzou, OSMAN, and Irynvigre before starting her own line. Pieces from her recent collection have been featured in REKT magazine UK and on the blog, The Amanqi Edit. Her work consists of clean-cut lines, geometric shapes, and three-dimensional elements. It is an aesthetic that bridges strong silhouettes with an elegance that celebrates the woman’s body. Bold contours with dashes of embroidery make every technique used architectural and decorous. She has also launched an Indian couture line, making luxury garments for women, men, and children.