Wanderlust, a noun with the meaning “strong desire to travel”. The wanderlust theme illustrates the cultural strive to discover the beauty in unexpected areas across all over the corners of the globe. Most of us have an untraveled adventure that we carry inside ourselves, a longing to escape the everyday. Wanderlust is the physical manifestation of that spiritual un-settledness, a desire to leave oneself behind in order to find another. Few of us, though, have the sense of greater destiny to embark on such a quest.

Sophie Scheliga SS17 Collection – Travel Desire
Travel Desire is inspired to a trip to some exotic and oriental destination all over around the corner of the globe. Working around luxurious global inspired silhouettes over a variety of cultures. Creating a certain mood to different cultures, landscapes and destination. Print influences from all around the world, bound by traditions and responsibilities, a sense of adventure.

A mix of safari and tribal style for inspiration, transporting his audience to a far away land in tribal patterns and geometric prints in different kind of colors. Ruffles for an elegant and playful touch to stay curious and adventurous. The ultimate jet-setter‘s wardrobe for a journey to the far reaches of the world.

A traditional Japanese femininity silhouettes for a completely authentic look. Popularity of wrap around the bodice and either tie around the waist and it‘s preference to side-extra-long sleeves make to an traditional Asian silhouettes. The colors of rose and lilac and the printed Asian flowers gives her a feminine, elegant look. The ultimate wardrobe for a cultural purist to feel the romance and it‘s ethical culture while traveling around the world.

A color range from beige, brown and to rose and purple reflecting the different colors of the desert from dawn to sunset. Chic materials and loose comfortable cuts for glamorous nights-out and special occasions make the look glowing and sparkling. The fabric choice determines how comfortable he feels. The ultimate wardrobe for an unbelievable beautiful desert wanderer who get emotionally and physically inspired by the empty landscape during his journey.

An explosion of vivid colors and a chaotic mix of pattern and iconic zigzag pattern to fit the body perfectly simple and elegant.
Creating a luxury, adventurous, relaxed impression with bright and energetic colors. Features an accentuated waistline to create an appearance of an hourglass figure. An ultimate wardrobe for a luxury floater to enjoy a journey in a exotica culture.

Photographer: Nathan Ishar
Designer, art director and stylist: Sophie Scheliga
Makeup: Marina Schmitz
Models: Laura Schulte and Pascal Shmuda