Growing up in communist East Berlin, where dress-was-uniform, the designer and driving force behind DHENZE saw a great deal of change. Shaped by experiences from both Berlin and London, where DHENZE moved in early 2004; the designer has found inspiration both aesthetically and philosophically within the creative haven of Hackney, East London. DHENZE embodies disruption and a subversive attitude by choosing to go against conformity and social norms of style and design.

DHENZE is influenced by the both Berlin & London and their iconic megalopolis status. Drawing inspiration from their architecture, culture, design and subcultures. These include quintessential tailoring, indication of degradation and gentrification, the sumptuousness and allure of the forbidden. References to the traditional linear organized German sensibility and progressive grit, seduction and all-or-nothing underground fetish scene are seen throughout the brand.

The owner and designer of DHENZE has a professional background in pattern cutting and tailoring. The fine detail and finishes of each, and every, piece highlight the years of training and mastery of the craft. DHENZE both flatters and challenges silhouettes by the use of pattern, shape, form, volume and often times muted colour palette. Sourcing and handpicking only the softest of leathers, organic cotton, and high-end active wear materials to use throughout each collection.

DHENZE is a season-less brand that can transition from street to club effortlessly. Embodying both traditional and progressive traits from the German culture as well challenging the norm of modern day expectation DHENZE is a brand for the luxurious rebels out there.

DHENZE – Kollektion 2

Bold, the in-between, and entirely made in the UK, this Kollektion 2, is the next step, and natural evolution of East London-based, DHENZE.

The collection takes the geometric as both inspiration, and aesthetic nourishment. Crisscrossing from digital, to analogue, and back again, each garment presented here, makes homage to high-tech textiles, British tailoring, and a polysexual look, that’s easy to wear.

DHENZE chooses as the backdrop to the collection, the exciting “concrete ziggurat”, of The Barbican, London. By drawing parallels with this iconic structure, and the collection, what’s presented is an aesthetic that’s satisfyingly unified yet dysfunctional, and typically pragmatic DHENZE ensemble.

Photographer: Lisa Pepe
Stylist: Maria Martin Caro
Makeup: Madeleine Goldsmith
Models: Simona Mockutė and Alberto-Antonio Seresoan @ Oxygen Models London
Masks in collaborations with Julia Schonfeld of Underleaf urban design