Daniela Antoniuc @ Mandarin Model Management (Mandarin Models Agency), Chișinău (MDA)


Instagram : @moon_off20
Facebook : Link

Height : 175 cm
Weight : 51 kg
Bust : 80 cm
Hips : 89 cm
Waist : 62 cm

Daniela, where do you live?
Moldova, Chișinău. I like working here because the people are nice but there are many reasons why I don’t like to live here

Tell us about your work as a model?
I love the career I’m building, because I meet new people, I interact with a lot of different persons, making new connections. My first job as a model was a lookbook for Katea Gri. My first runway was at Wonder Fashion Night 2016. After that I was a model at “Moldova Fashion Days”. The most recent one was at Wonder Fashion Night 2017. The difference was that on my first runway I was nervous because of the emotions. Now, I have experience that makes me more confident.

Which brands and publications have you modeled with?

I worked with our designer Katea Gri. I worked with Cristis Salon for Vip magazin and with Aquaterra for magazine Instyle. I had a photo session for Beauty and Life. And I’ve worked as a model at three bridal photo sessions.

How did you get into modeling?
I got into modeling through “One Modeling School” where I practiced modeling. I would support the decision the newcomers made, but I don’t know if I would recommend them this route.

What do you do to improve yourself and what’s your opinion on the role of criticism in modeling?
I’m trying to maintain myself doing exercises, at the gym or at home, trying to eat healthy – no bread, no sweets or fast food. I drink a lot of water and I sleep those 8 hours that are necessary. I think that criticism is something necessary because it helps you realize your mistakes and, this way, you make improvements. My family and friends are very supportive, they are always with me and they understand me and I really thank them a lot for that. I’m getting a little bit nervous in front of the public but I’m trying to calm down and to concentrate on what I’m supposed to do.

And Daniela, can you let us into a secret? What do you always take with you to a shoot or casting?
2 pairs of shoes, a hairbrush, body cream, and a bottle of water!


Photographer : Misha Lazar