Since 2010, designer Liudmyla Komardina has been specializing in the creation of women’s and men’s wear. The brand continually experiments with difficult cuts, giving preference to a relaxed fit. Liudmyla doesn’t usually use bright shades in the collections and often emphasizes a subject of rapprochement of a person and nature. «Inhale happiness, exhale kindness» is no exception.

This collection consists mainly of dresses, is executed in dark tones (black, graphite, wet asphalt) and a little white. Due to correctly placed accents, the collection looks filled and exciting. Fabrics as jersey, silk, and neoprene are used. The highlights of the collection are manually painted fabrics and graphics. Metal jewelry made from chains and curved needles help to create the finishing garment.



Photographer : Olga Khlybova
Fashion designer : Liudmyla Komardina
Makeup : Alexandra Maslivets
Model : Anastasia Litvinova